A person can do incredible things
if he or she has enough hope



Our Mission is simple. It is a mission of hope build on 5 pillars.

We will build a training centre on the farm Philandershoogte.

To alleviate poverty we need to create jobs by starting our pilot project on the farm.
We will train people to manufacture building materials necessary to build homes.
We will construct modern green houses in order to produce vegetables, along with shaded structures for the growing of fruit trees.

Solar energy will be installed for the provision of clean green electricity.
The long term vision is the establishment of self sustainable green villages in rural areas, run by local inhabitants, especially woman and the disabled.
The vision is villages of 60-80 self sustaining households inclusive of a light industrial hub, water purification systems, solar panel driven workshops, shops and small business establishments.

We have a strong vision to bring hope to our country, South Africa where hope is given to countless people in search of hope and a sustainable environment in which to work and live.